The story of my new blog is yet another (I suppose) of many interweb stories: our longtime ISP earthlink once came to us via dial-up, then our telephone company continued our earthlink via their dsl service, which was even nicer. Earthlink included 10mb webspace & site-building tools, with which I constructed my first blog. It was clunky, but I had some fun and learned a few things.

Earlier this month, our phone company, which shall remain nameless, announced that they were switching customers over to their own brand-X e-mail, which will probably be super duper in many ways–though they still don’t provide enough (read hardly any) support for Mac users. I don’t know what this means for our earthlink service, but I suspect it means the end of my blogsite. I’ve been thinking about joining the 21st century in any case, and this seems a good excuse.

I hope to upload archives from the old blog to this site in the next few days and weeks.