Two worlds collided, fortuitously, and the result was that I finally got to a university dramatic production this year. Some faculty friends had planned to attend the Thursday night show of Scapin (translated and adapted from Moliere’s 18th c. comedy). Then we thought those plans might be set aside when those of us in the English department realized we were going to spend much of the day interviewing and entertaining a job candidate. In the end, the candidate wished to attend the show, so we all went anyway and had a very good time.

Two students in the play are also in my courses this semester, one acting and the other behind the scenes. I am always happy to see “my” students shine outside the classroom, as well as in it.

If I had any criticism of the play, it would only be the universal pronunciation of the title character’s French name as “Scapon” instead of “Scapin.” But then, most Americans called that Baz Luhrman movie “Moulon Rouge,” too. Sigh. The actor who portrayed Scapin, by the way, did a bangup job. Applause to the whole cast!