My grades are in. So far, no one has complained about them, but there’s still time! I’m trying to catch up on other work this week–doing some writing, a couple of paper proposals, just generally catching my breath.

The English department will see nine or ten majors graduate this year, and by some strange coincidence, they’re all women. Just an odd statistical blip, I guess, because we have some guys coming up through the ranks. Spent some time yesterday afternoon with our dept. admin. assistant in the university bookstore, picking out congratulatory university t-shirts for the graduating seniors. Four of them came along to advise us on sizes, colors, and styles. Not all of us look good in orange and/or black, although we’re true to the school colors in theory.

Every semester I consider textbooks for the next semester’s courses. Sometimes the old standbys are satisfactory and available. Sometimes they’ve been issued in new editions–which can be good, or not so good, if my favorite selection(s) have been removed, or replaced by something I don’t care for. Sometimes I discover a better book is available. The Riverside Chaucer, for example, has been fairly standard in its 3rd edition since 1987, but composition texts change much more frequently. And every other year I look for the ideal medieval literature anthology. So far, no luck, though one or two collections come close.