A joke in an old Peanuts strip had Lucy daring Linus to ask their mother why there was Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day, but no “Children’s Day.” “Every day is children’s day,” was the unsatisfactory reply. In the same way, shouldn’t every day be “scholarship day” at an institution of higher learning? A professor can dream!

But at least twice a year, sometimes more, CU faculty and staff have the privilege of interviewing prospective students for several major financial aid scholarships. Every student we talk with has achieved outstanding goals academically and otherwise, and many of them are quite charming, as well. Nevertheless, we can’t help empathizing with them as they go through a fairly harrowing series of five interviews with total strangers, asking them all kinds of questions about themselves, their beliefs, their academics, and their goals. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to choose a “winner.” Sometimes one stands out clearly. But we can hope that all of them will choose Campbell, whether they get the “big” scholarship or not, because all have already demonstrated that they are the kind of scholars we want to see.