1. On Wednesday, our iMac seemed to be dying—it shut down without notice, then would begin to start and then just…shut down. Very disturbing. Fortunately, we still have a few months on the extended warranty (you know—the one everyone tells you is a waste of money). I called tech support and waited only about two minutes to get some advice which did not work. So I drove the iMac to the Apple Store in Raleigh, where they discovered that, indeed, it was a burnt-out power supply, which they replaced. Ta-da! All free—except for the 90-minute roundtrip, and me hanging out in Crabtree Valley Mall for two hours when I could have been revising essays or prepping my summer school course. Never mind—those things will get done. And we’re very, very happy to have home internet access again, and NO loss of data

2. Meanwhile, my husband was having his normal workday, until he completed his last call of the day and came out to find a flat tire on the van. He and his partner had to wait, wait, wait for HQ to dispatch repair. But eventually, he did get home, very hungry and tired.

I hope tomorrow I actually get stuff done instead of running errands.