The Galaxy Theater, that is. This closest independent movie theater to where we live is still a good 40 minute drive on most days, but with six screens, they can offer so much more variety than other indie theaters in the area, including South Asian  (Bollywood) films and special events such as chats with directors.

The other day I met a friend for a matinee, and when I pulled my ticket stub out of my pocket, I discovered that the theater also helps prompt after-the-movie discussion. Printed on the ticket stub: “On [date] at [time] I saw Waitress and it changed how I felt about _________ ”  Now, I can’t say that this particular film changed my views on anything, though it did make me hungry, because a lot of delicious pies are either baked or described. Flip the ticket over, and behold!–it becomes a 10% off coupon at two Indian restaurants and an Indian grocery.

Beat that, gigantic 20-screen multiplex.