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You can write cult-TV-series tie-in novels, like Kirsten Beyer. Hey—it’s a living!

Ms. Beyer’s reading recommendations:

SL: Can you tell us what books are on your reading list right now? And which authors do you recommend to people?
KB: I’ve always got too many books going at the same time. I’ve just finished my final re-reading of Harry Potter books 1 to 6 in joyful anticipation of July 21. I’m positively dying to get the final book into my hot little hands. I’m reading two novels at the moment for research purposes, as well as the new biography of Einstein by Walter Isaacson, and Al Gore’s THE ASSAULT ON REASON. If I had the money I’d buy a copy for every single American citizen, and if I had the time I’d sit with each and every one of them while they read it so we could discuss it as they went along. It’s not that I think everyone needs to agree with all of the conclusions, but many of the premises are well taken. I’ve got an old biography of Henry VIII by my bed on top of HOMER’S ILIAD, both of which are slow going. I realized a couple of years back that despite my English degree, my background in some of the classics is too weak so I’m working to remedy that. Authors I recommend: A.S. Byatt, John Irving, Leif Enger, Jane Austen, and Sharon Kay Penman.