As one who’s always been interested in words, I was interested by this WSJ article about trends in baby-names. I’m named very traditionally after my grandmothers, in case anyone’s interested. And for mysterious reasons, my husband’s & my combined extended families have an absurd number of Jameses, Davids, Williams, Sara(h)s, and Louises.

Nature news!

1. The Durrell Wildlife Preservation Trust has saved India’s pygmy hog. My family read all Gerald Durrell’s nature books when we were living in the Congo. He started out collecting animals for zoos, and eventually established the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust on the Isle of Jersey to preserve endangered species. We visited once—what a pleasure! Funny AND educational books, highly recommended, but I was never able to take his brother Lawrence Durrell completely seriously after reading My Family and Other Animals.

2. Hummingbird species discovered. I just like hummingbirds. I’m thinking of putting up a feeder on our front porch to entertain the cat, who sits on the landing looking out the window, wishing he were chasing things.