1. Finished HP7—for those who haven’t yet, I’ll just say that I was very pleased with the resolutions. The series as a whole will never replace Lewis’s Narnia or Tolkien, for me—the writing is too flat and Harry spends a bit too much time tearing his hair—but obviously millions of people adore it. As for those who think it promotes the occult, I refer them to the brilliant Hogwarts Professor (beware of spoilers!) and to the eloquent Connie Neal. Also recommended: my former Biola colleague JMNR on Five Things to Learn from Harry Potter, and 3 More Things I Learned at the End of HP (with SPOILERS FOR HP7!!!)

2. At the AP-Lit scoring, many were discussing the ongoing effort to accredit highschool AP courses, which seems to be continuing with variable success. One more thing for college admissions personnel to consider. The article points out, and our experience as scorers certainly showed to be true in many cases:

The Advanced Placement program is an odd hybrid of exam and coursework. Any student can take any exam, without taking an AP class. …

Conversely, students who take AP classes need not take the AP exam. Some skip the exams because they know they will fail; others never planned to take the exam, enrolling in the class mostly to look good in the college admissions process.

Of course, many colleges and universities only accept AP course credit with a corroborating AP exam grade. It’s a complex web.