In a very few weeks, CU’s fall semester begins (oh my!). I’ll probably post some of these links again soon, because I know that somewhere out there, someone is thinking, “Major in something practical, like pre-pharm, or business, so I can get a job.” He or she is thinking this even though he loves reading and writing and she views the prospect of a lifetime of measuring out pills or working with figures with horror. “But–the money!” Where did you get this idea that English majors don’t make money? Or that the only thing they can do is “teach”? From me? I’m the exception, not the rule!

And no disrespect intended toward scientists or business–an English major can be very helpful in either area, because both require writing and analytical skills.

Here, check out Bluffton College’s page of English majors who became astronauts, doctors, CEOs, lawyers (even a Supreme Court Judge), and Hollywood writers, producers, and actors, with links to more career advice for English majors.

“Jen” advises on how an English major can become a freelance writer.

Oh, and Campbell U has some career advice for English majors as well.

Currently, my favorite English major is my nephew, a rising sophomore at the U.S. Naval Academy (Annapolis). I know he‘s going to have a fine career.