Among the “blog-roll” on the right side of these posts is a link to “Third Culture Kids,” a blog/site which explains the peculiar syndrome of more and more young people growing up in today’s highly mobile society—we’re people without home-towns, people whose passports may identify us as citizens of one country, but whose experiences and emotions have caused us to feel identified with two or more. So when someone asks, “Where are you from?” we either hesitate, or we tell you were we live now, or where we were born, or else you hear the whole, long, story.

My home town? I don’t really have one, but thanks to the miracle of modern satellite-mapping, we can now see Bulape, D.R. Congo, where my family spent three very important years of my childhood. OK, it’s just a name on a map from 1.5 miles up, but you get the idea!

I hope your home town is near and dear to you. Or else, I hope you enjoyed the varied experiences of your own travelling childhood.