CU classes began on Wednesday, which means students and professors met each other at least once before Friday afternoon’s Drop/Add free-for-all. Actually, it’s not a free-for-all—there are some rules (for example, when a classroom is full, the class is full)—but when the fortieth beagle-eyed young person is asking if you haven’t got just one more space in your [name of course here] section at 10:00 a.m., because [insert heart-rending tale of woe here]…the day can get pretty long. I imagine the students find it trying as well.

Eventually, somehow, almost everyone seems to end up with a schedule they can live with. The real work begins next week.

To make this entry more edifying, I’ll end by linking to an essay on poetry in films, “The Well-Versed Movie.” Because, as Willow once said, “It’s all connected.” (“Lessons,” Buffy 7.1). And as E.M. Forster instructed, “Only connect.”