Last week CNN reported an outbreak of ebola fever in the area of Kasai Occidental province where my parents lived and worked as medical missionaries from the mid-1960’s to early 1990s. BBC updated the story two days later, confirming that

Five people are confirmed to have died from the virus, but at least 166 people have died in total in the area and WHO says it is aware of 206 more cases.

Apparently people had been falling ill for at least three months before the fever was identified as ebola. This week reports have come from Presbyterian and Baptist missionaries in the area, who are responding to help along with Doctors without Borders, the Centers for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization. News today reports

“In the past week we have seen a slight dip in suspect cases. On average we have one new case every day and a death every two or three days,” said Dr. Fortunat Mtumba, health minister for the affected Western Kasai region….In the past four months there have been 170 fatalities from 378 cases of either Ebola or shigellosis, Mtumba said.

Please pray for the people of this troubled nation, and for the medical professionals and others aiding them.