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“That time of year thou may’st in me behold” when entropy starts to overcome order and things—such as this blog, and grading student papers from several weeks ago, and submitting my conference expense report—start falling through the cracks. If you’re reading this and I owe you something, I apologize. Eventually, and probably before anything truly dire occurs, it will be done. The good news is: we had rain today. The bad news: the weather postponed my appointment with the HVAC guys—see? Entropy!

On the other hand, while we need rain desperately, one day of it can’t overcome the severe drought situation of the entire state. Although  major cities are imposing water restrictions on their denizens, our rural county of loosely organized farms and villages seems to be in the “What, me worry?” zone. A colleague remarked to me this afternoon, “I wonder what the University is doing to promote water conservation?” Good question. So, if any students, faculty, or administrators are reading this, I recommend this editorial on saving water from the current Biblical Recorder.

One of the great privileges of living in a wealthy society is that we can so willingly entrust matters of our survival into someone else’s hands. We trust the grocer for food; the state for roads; the department store for clothes; and city or county planners for water.

When we trust others to provide our most basic needs we lose track of the reality that we bear responsibility for what happens from here….

Can you skip a shower some day? Don’t let the water run when you shave. Use the water you run down the drain waiting for it to turn hot. Don’t flush that bug you caught.

It’s easy to let things go, but we should be working to live a life in which all the pieces connect—an integrated life. And now, I have some papers to grade…