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One of the things that really makes me mad is seeing Christmas-tree-lights on October 30. What! And then by November 1, if not sooner, the TV ads and news spots begin—shop now! get this hot toy!

Lauren Winner writes:

…We are inured not only to the Christmas story itself, but also to our pastors’ annual rants against consumerism. Every creative attempt to make the season meaningful, to steal it back inside the church, away from the shopping malls and cheesy radio stations, has been tried, and most of those creative attempts have proved wanting. Perhaps the problem is that we don’t know what the meaning of this holiday, of Jesus’ pushing into the world, is. If we did, we wouldn’t have to worry about consumerism; if we knew what the Incarnation meant, we’d be so preoccupied with awe we wouldn’t notice all the shopping

Once again, let us seek an awe-inspiring understanding of the Incarnation. In the meantime, and until Advent officially begins, we’ll start actively resisting worldly Christmas with Buy Nothing Christmas.