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I felt obligated to say “hwaet” instead of “what”—partly because it has so many more potential meanings. But still—February? Also, today is Ash Wednesday. Unintentionally, it is also the due-date for the first set of freshman papers. There’s penance!

I’m not much for giving things up for Lent, although undoubtedly there are things I could forego for forty days in the interest of an improved spiritual life. Instead, I try for more discipline in doing things, so I’ve promised myself to post more regularly (and, let us hope, more meaningfully) to this site.  If there’s anything you’re particularly interested in, let me know.

In addition, I’ll be leading a study on 1st Corinthians for my church as we prayerfully consider the future of our congregation.

An encouraging event last week: a student came in to ask what kinds of jobs she might be able to do if she changed her major to English. Fortunately, I had answers. And more answers. And I hope we have a new English major.