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Today is the official launch for my friend K. Dale Koontz’s book, Faith and Choice in the Works of Joss Whedon. I was honored to be given a preview of the book and to offer a mini-review (aka “blurb”) that appears on the back cover:

Koontz writes with insight, verve, and humor, informed by a panoramic knowledge of world religions. All the big questions are here, and answers both expected and unexpected.

accompanied by another by the brilliant and busy Rhonda Wilcox. Why write or read a book like this one? Dale says:

Far from disposable entertainment, Whedon’s work goes much deeper, dealing with issues of morality, family and redemption. …
Studying popular culture is important because it is the examination of both what’s going on now and what we as a society focus on. Using examples from popular culture is also a great way to get people interested in big concepts (such as faith) that otherwise might be intimidating or confusing to them.

More about Dale Koontz and her work at her blog.

As for me, I’m off to the first day of the last two weeks of classes!