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ABC News story about the rising generation of India‘s bright young things:

At age 21, [Nisha] Mehta has five people — all older than she is — working under her. And her boss says the sky’s the limit.

This is a seismic change in a country where women have, until recently, been restricted to traditional family roles. And it’s a change that has transpired within one generation in one household.

The changes going on in India right now — the breaking down of old barriers of gender, religion and caste — are incredibly exciting. But it’s important to realize that these changes — as of right now, at least — are only affecting a minority.

Mehta says she’s concerned about these inequities, but still believes there’s no place on Earth she’d rather live. In fact, she was — to my mind, at least — shockingly ambivalent about the United States…. She has no desire to live [in the US] and only lukewarm desire to even visit.

This story pins an awful lot on one young woman as a representative example. Nevertheless, it should give  overly self-satisfied US readers food for thought.