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It’s a little known fact that many “pop culture” scholars actually began their academic careers specializing in something “respectable” such as literature, history, philosophy, education, physics, or religious studies; many even maintain parallel careers. As one of the keynote speakers at this past weekend’s SC3 Conference, Matthew Pateman, noted, no one in the “real world” seems to care much when one of us publishes or presents our work in those fields. “Oh, another academic conference? Ho hum!” But a conference on something as wacky as Buffy gets us on CNN.

And on blogosphere. Somebody wonders whether analyzing TV stops you from enjoying it? In the case of BtVS (and I’d say, any really good work of art)–No. Another writer notes Buffy’s philosophical credentials. And synchronicitously, bloggers engage in some of the same debates BtVS scholar/fans do: favorite episodes (your list may vary), and Joss Whedon’s brilliant but agonizing willingness to follow Faulkner’s advice to writers: “kill your darlings.”

OK, this one was posted last month, but I’m noting it now, so we can plan the refreshments for next time: BtVS themed party, with decorations, favors, and recipes.