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There seems to have been a revolution at what was “Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog”! It is now being run by several other people calling themselves “A GLOBAL TEAME OF CREATIFS AND TRENDSETTIRS ASSEMBLID IN FELAWESHEP WYTH MUCH COFFEE” and re-titled “Geoffrey Chaucer Hath an Extreme Blog: Go England! It ys Rad!” “Chaucer,” it seems, is on vacation (or possibly on a quest) in Las Vegas.

The new team promise

Ywis, we Lords Appellant haue re-branded and re-concepted thys blog. We haue replaced Chaucer wyth a top team of new media specialistes. This is nowe a blog that ys dedicated to bringing yow the hottest and moost up to date content about the worldes of entertaynment, political societee, hangings, filmes, culture, quarterings, and defense of the of the noble realme of Engelonde.

They request all readers to sign a loyalty oath in the comments

to assuren us that ye aren nat Frensshe spyes or folk who wolde overturn the gret proceedings of the moost recent Parliament.

And in exchange, the editor assures us that “chaunge ys good.” But some things will not change:

11. Will all the old posts stay up? Indefinitely?

Of course thei shall. What maniacal and sadistic power do ye thinke doth control this blog? Joss Whedon?

What to think about a bunch of 14th century noblemen who follow the career of Joss Whedon?! But I hope Chaucer gets back from Las Vegas soon.