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Let’s be clear up front: I couldn’t compete in any sport, but I do enjoy watching now and then, including the Olympics. Brilliance is entrancing in just about any field, although I admit I’m able to appreciate some sports (track and field, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, horseback-riding, even rowing) more than others (water polo, synchronized diving, baseball, boxing). If you’re a fan of those last ones, please don’t try to explain them to me.

While watching Olympics recently, my sister-in-law and I amused ourselves by turning our own activities into competitive events: Gold Medal in bean-snapping! Silver Medal in laundry-folding…yes, we lead humdrum lives and must do what we can to bring some excitement to them, since Michael Phelps isn’t our neighbor.

But we didn’t think of what it would be like if writing were an Olympic sport

BOB (excitedly): Wait a minute! I think she’s starting to write.

CHRIS: You’re right, Bob! She’s definitely beginning something. Look at her fingers fly!

BOB: Oh, wow! She’s off to a really great start.

CHRIS: There’s a muse around here somewhere! Have you ever seen anything like it?


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