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One of today’s iGoogle “wikiHow”s: How to Start Your Own Country.

This helpful guide is especially useful for those among us with megalomaniac tendencies—admit it, who hasn’t had a moment or two when you’ve said, “If I ruled the world…!” The bad news is, you never will (and probably a good thing, too), but with hard work and an irrational sense of your own importance, you may be able to rule a concrete platform in the middle of the ocean! For a few years, at least. Actually the story of the Republic of Minerva, mentioned in “How to Start Your Own Country,” reminded me of Island, a black-comedy-thriller by one my favorite authors, Thomas Perry.

Given the rate of return for effort, I think in this case I definitely recommend reading the novel over actually attempting to start your own country. And if you want your own stamps, Zazzle will put your puppy on a USPS stamp for a nominal fee. Just saying…