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Lost, one of the most frustratingly fascinating…or fascinatingly frustrating shows on TV returned last night for season 5. Alan Sepinwall’s review helpfully puts the episode in context and points out some key elements in an episode crammed with clues. He also reminds me one of the reasons I keep watching no matter how confused I am:

But … what makes these two episodes work … is that they never lose sight of the human element. Yes, insane things are happening, some of which make sense if you stop to explain them, many of which don’t make any sense at all, but there are recognizable characters at the center of them, reacting in a way that seems right to them, and that’s moving in some way.

The human element, in other words. Everything else is just clockwork and explosions and I wouldn’t care about that for more than twenty minutes–if that!

In other Lost news, David Lavery notes the vital cameo by a snack food last seen on Buffy.