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Amazon.com has just unveiled the second-generation Kindle e-reading device. Woo-hoo. The geeky side of me thinks this is pretty cool. The academic side of me thinks “No way am I giving up REAL books with pages.”

I’m a big fan of writing in books—as long as they’re your books—highlighting, comments in the margins, etc. Without medieval monks’ writing in the margins, we wouldn’t have a good deal of what we know today of Old Irish.

And although Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says

“Our vision is every book ever printed, in any language, all available in less than 60 seconds,”

my favorite 20th c. author still is not included, so I’m saving my $360.00 for the time being.

PCmag.com reviews the pros and cons. Yeah, for my money, the cons such as:

1) …too expensive…

3) …bad navigation…

5) …too slow… [I’m a fast reader]

6) …too fragile…

still outweigh the pros.