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Battlestar Galactica ends tonight with a two-hour episode. Alan Sepinwall’s list of the series’ best episodes (more than ten). I can never pick just ten (or just five) of anything, either.

Continuing: Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, now at episode 6, which some are comparing to Buffy the Vampire Slayer seasons’ 7th episodes–notorious for revealing new and important clues to the season’s theme or key characters:

BtVS 1.7 “Angel”—the character Angel had been introduced, but now we learn his secret—he’s a vampire. And Buffy slays vampires. And some people think Bella Swann has problems!
B 2.7 “Lie to Me”—an old friend betrays Buffy, becomes a vampire & must be slain, introducing the season’s “loss of innocence” theme
B 3.7 “Revelations”—the title speaks for itself
B 4.7 “The Initiative”—discovery of the secret paramilitary/science project
B 5.7 “Fool for Love”—many people think it’s all about Spike, but he’s the first to tell Buffy “Death is your art…every Slayer has a death wish.”
B 6.7 “Once More, with Feeling”—the musical, unique and crammed with bombshell revelations
B 7.7 “Conversations with Dead People”—each one of which is very, important; in addition, the style and structure of the episode is unusual

Dollhouse has been confusing to many people. Maybe this will help? How about this?

On Sunday, just getting started with episode 2: Kings, on NBC. Review the source material in I & II Samuel and then watch as Michael Green translates it to an “alternate universe” North American-type nation called “Gilboa” at war with their neighbor “Gath.”

Maureen Ryan’s review, with some clips.

“Kings” is an entertainment, and an accessible, solidly constructed one at that. If this show occasionally comes off as an earnest,  CliffsNotes mash-up of Shakespeare’s history plays, the Old Testament and “Gossip Girl”—well, at least it’s not another cop drama, it’s not another medical show and it’s definitely not another clunkily derivative new show from NBC.