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Just in time for the annual medieval studies conference in Kalamazoo, MI, “Geoffrey Chaucer” returns to post in Middle English at Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog. This entertaining and educational blogspot was apparently overtaken by “rebels” last September, who notified readers that “Chaucer” had gone to Las Vegas, and then nothing further was posted.

Sure, the archives were filled with uproarious posts worthy of the master himself, such as the review of that 14th century dramatic masterpiece, Serpentes on a Shippe and—now it can be told!—Chaucer’s original plan for a poem about Canterbury. Oh, that old thing! But after nearly nine months without a new post, I was just about to move it from the “blogroll” to the “links” section today, only to discover new posts yesterday and today.

Today’s post is full of praise for BABEL, a group of scholars who like to write a lot. This makes me wonder whether some of them are involved now. Well, if it improves the frequency and interest of GCHaB, more power to them. Just one question—where was “Chaucer” all spring when I was teaching his poetry and both I and my students could have used the amusement?