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I had some family concerns that kept me too busy to do more than read about it, but time flies in cyberspace. It started May 25 at, with whedonesque.com linking to several stories about the possibility of a “reboot” Buffy feature film, to be produced without Joss Whedon or any of the TV cast. The online Whedon/Buffy fan community rebelled instantly. Bad, bad idea. Still more reasons why Buffy without Joss Whedon is, as web-geeks say, “made of fail”:

Perhaps the Kuzuis think they can reinvent the slayer for a newer, younger, Twilight audience? Here’s a clue about those kids: they’re not so much into vampires as they are into the doomed romance of adolescence. And, it seems to me, Joss was the one with talent enough to capture that spirit of we-can-never-be-together-even-though-we’re-meant-to-be-together, without being overwraught….

As it says in the beginning, “To every generation there is born a chosen one.” But there will only be one worth watching.

Well-said, Calvinette!