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Well, the next best thing: Jonathan McIntosh, the clever person who created the video mashup which imagines Edward Cullen of Twilight in Buffy‘s Sunnydale explains it all. If you follow the link, vid is included, in case you missed it the first time.

Five months in the making, Buffy vs Edward is essentially an answer to the question “What Would Buffy Do?” My re-imagined story was specifically constructed as a response to Edward, and what his behavior represents in our larger social context for both men and women. More than just a showdown between The Slayer and the Sparkly Vampire, it’s also a humorous visualization of the metaphorical battle between two opposing visions of gender roles in the 21ist century.

I know many people who love the Twilight books and movie. They should note McIntosh’s closing comment:

[Some responses to the video] express concern that my mash-up is a condemnation of the fans of Twilight or of the actor Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward. I would like to say that the video is not intended as a stab at the fans. Rather, it’s an argument against the specific way in which romance and gender roles are constructed in the Twilight series.

Worth reading, worth thinking about—for fans of the Twilight-verse and/or the Buffyverse.