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Last week, my fellow professors and I shared our appreciation for the music of Bruce Springsteen with our students. This week, they shared some of the music that inspires them—or in some cases, music that indicates universal human spiritual longings.

Among the songs: “Apathy Is a Deathwish,” by Story of the Year, “Peace of Mind,” by Boston, “Where Are You Now?” by Michelle Branch, “Image of the Invisible,” by Thrice, “Twenty-Four,” by Switchfoot, “Unanswered Prayers,” by Garth Brooks (sorry—can’t find any links that aren’t covers),  “Ghetto Gospel,” by 2Pac, and “Jesus Christ,” by Brand New.

Since Dr. S and I had only heard of two or three of these artists before, it was an interesting evening. We hope the harder stuff didn’t disturb any other classes.