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  1. Saturday morning: join other CU faculty and staff to interview prospective student candidates for two major scholarships. They were all smart and sincere, a few almost frighteningly so. Hope to see a good number of them in the fall, however things work out.
  2. Thanks to early Christmas present from parents, replaced my car stereo and can now play CDs without elaborate and awkward Rube-Goldberg contraptions. Happy, because the library’s audiobook collection is growing in CD form, static or dwindling on cassettes; also I have a lot of music CDs I’ve only been able to enjoy at home or in the office. On the other hand, I now have a lot of cassettes that will no longer be playable in the car. I guess that’s progress!
  3. Shopped for Operation Christmas Child and church’s Thanksgiving food drive.
  4. Came home & collapsed.
  5. Plan massive grading push for the next few days.