A year ago yesterday (March 1), my junior cat, Buddy, was euthanized after a brief struggle with “aortic thromboembolism, which usually forms in the heart and travels through the blood stream. Most commonly, the clot lodges at the branch of the aorta that feeds the back legs, shutting down blood flow and causing partial or complete paralysis. This condition is excruciatingly painful…; two thirds of cats that develop this condition will die or be put to death humanely. In cats that survive aortic thromboembolism, recurrence is common.”

Buddy was a stray kitten adopted by the senior cat, who brought him home one afternoon in 2005. He was a typical younger child—good-natured, affectionate, adventurous, irrepressible, and scrappy. He cost us a fortune in vet bills, one way or another. I still miss him.

Rare photo of sleeping Buddy

At the time, I thought it would be a while before I would consider adding a new cat to the household, but the one cat seemed lonely. Although he did spend more time with me, he also began stalking my ankles again. In April, I brought Nicco home from a nearby rescue organization. As you can see, he was irresistible. He has also taken over the house and keeps senior cat in his place:


Don't let the fluff fool you

I’m posting about both cats here to spare further cat talk next month.