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The fall semester began today, or last Thursday, depending on how you’re counting. It’s been a whirlwind of a week, and it isn’t even over yet. Faculty began with the usual 2 day orientation full of introductions and updates: things are going pretty well, so that’s encouraging; we have a new, fabulous library; future plans are ambitious. It’s a good time to meet new professors and catch up with returning friends/colleagues.

Normally I would spend the weekend after these meetings and greetings holed up in my office putting the final edits on my syllabi and course websites (nothing is just on paper any more). This year, however, my father’s extended family had planned a reunion at the beach. They’re still there! But I could only run down for Saturday &.Sunday, exchange some hugs, smiles, and too brief conversations, take a few photos. Not to brag, but I really am blessed to have wonderful relatives who are a joy to spend time with. I won’t say more about their many accomplishments, because that would seem like bragging.

So Monday AM I’m back at CU, meeting and greeting students—we’re delighted to have one of the largest groups of incoming English majors in a long time! Advising, and doing all that course prep I should have been doing over the weekend (note to my family—I don’t begrudge a minute of time spent with you, the best family ever!)

Classes began today (did I say that?) and so far, so good, once I conquered an unplugged computer monitor in my first classroom. Every time I have to wrestle with some technological glitch, I reconsider the possibilities of SMU Dean Bowen’s call to minimize computer use in classrooms.

And I finally learned the basics for getting this post from the iPad app to the blog. Small victories.