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Dollhouse (TV series)

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Wow, that sounds violent! I only mean to say that once again  Whedon studies scholars at Slayage have excelled by producing another groundbreaking collection, a special double-issue on Dollhouse, co-edited by Cynthea Masson and Rhonda Wilcox.

I’m just getting started reading these essays, but I have to highlight two in particular: Masson’s “‘Who Painted the Lion?’–a Gloss on Dollhouse’s ‘Belle Chose‘” because of its brilliant interweaving of media criticisim and Chaucer studies, and K. Dale Koontz’s “Chech Mate: Whedon, Capek, and the Foundations of Dollhouse” for fully explicating the connections between Dollhouse and R.U.R. that were just asking to be analyzed from episode 1.1.

In addition, there’s a complete report on SC4–between them, Cynthia Burkhead (a professor at the University of North Alabama), Ian Klein (an MFA Dramaturgy Candidate at Columbia University), and David Kociemba (a media studies professor at Emerson College), were able to attend every keynote address and just about every session.