Two people I love deserve recognition this weekend:

First, my father. He has many admirable qualities and achievements, but this weekend in particular he was one of a group of World War II veterans honored for their service with a chartered trip to Washington, D.C., and special tour of the war monuments. Initially, my dad wasn’t sure if he should accept the invitation, since he didn’t see combat and said he wasn’t a “hero,” but we all told him—and I think anyone would say that same—just the fact that he had served in that war, been part of the effort, and been willing to go, makes him a hero. Well, he’s a hero to his family, anyway, so we’re glad he was there to step up in the 1940s, and had a great day in the nation’s capital yesterday.

Second, my goddaughter, Jenny. She recently graduated from a challenging high school program and her life is transformed. She has come so far and her parents, friends, and siblings are looking forward to see how she will take on the world now. We are so happy for her, and proud of her perseverance.