Our group arrived Saturday morning, battled our luggage from Heathrow to our hotel by tube, which is something I would like never to do again. However, having survived that ordeal, we parked the suitcases and took the short walk to Buckingham Palace for the Trooping of the Colour. Our tallest student has the best cameral & got some great photos of the parade & the royals.

Most of us worshipped at Westminster Abbey Sunday morning. You get in line at the gate & ushers ask your reason for visiting; if you just want to see the church, they send you around to the tourist entrance during the service. It was Pentecost, so extra impressive with all the red vestments.

Sunday was rainy, but we took our planned River Thames boat tour to Greenwich anyway. The boat has both enclosed and open observation decks, so that was fine. We got a late start, though, and arrived at Greenwich just as all the museums were about to close, which was disappointing. We could have planned better, but we’re all still a bit tired.

Today, the Tower of London, and things get serious.