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Will probably take two posts to cover all we’ve done this week. Hope to get some photos in as well.

Tuesday: The Tower, which I had never visited in any of my previous times in London. Parts of the Tower date from the Roman era to modern times, so it’s a good historical overview. The medieval and Renaissance armor is striking (not literally), and of course, it is home to the famous ravens: supposedly if they ever leave the Tower, it will fall, and London with it! Let’s not let that happen!

The Roman wall:


According to the Yeoman Warder who guided a large group around the main precincts and Royal Chapel, in order to ensure the ravens won’t leave the Tower, King Charles (II?) ordered some to be kept there at all times. Hm!


The Tower also guards the Crown Jewels; the line (I mean, queue) to see these was about a block long and getting longer (if there had been sidewalks as such), so I skipped it, but several of the students were determined and said the line moved surprisingly quickly.

Obscure fact of the day: the Yeoman Warder who inspired Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Yeomen of the Guard is buried in the chapel there. When the guide told us this, I was the only person in the crowd of about 60 who’d heard of Gilbert & Sullivan.