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Tuesday 6/14: A day at the massive British Museum for the whole group. The collection may be best known for it’s Egyptian, Greek, and Assyrian collections, but the English lit. students focused first on the ancient British and early medieval English and European collections, including the Sutton Hoo ship burial treasures, which illustrate many elements of the early literature they’re reading. I also had time to revisit the Elgin marbles, just because.

The students take photos of everything to serve as aides-memoire for their journals; I hope they’re actually enjoying the experience of seeing the things as well.

Wednesday 6/15: Guided tour by coach of ancient sites.




Glastonbury, associated with the holy grail and a possible candidate for King Arthur’s Avalon:

Chalice Well:


Glastonbury Abbey, where king Arthur’s tomb was “discovered” in the 12th c.:


And finally, Avebury: