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The second week began with church, at least for the two professors. The students were worn out and slept in. We went to St. James the Less in Pimlico, an evangelical Anglican congregation I first visited when I was here on behalf of Biola England back in 1997 or 1998. Their all-ages service was a fascinating contrast with the high church Westminster Abbey service, and though I usually prefer traditional hymns, they had some contemporary worship music that was both catchy and substantial.

Monday, 6/20: the Museum of London pretty much gives you what it says on the tin, objects and displays that represent the history and development of the city. Notable presentation on the Great Fire of the 17th century. Helpful, we hoped, for contextualizing the literature students are reading.

Tuesday 6/21: The entire group went to Hampton Court Palace, where we received fascinating presentations of Tudor-era grandeur and the later Christopher Wren-era/William-and-Mary grandeur.

Hampton Court gates:


The astrological clock:


Spotted a camel in this tapestry: