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…the southwest of England, of course. Wednesday-Friday of last week had originally been planned as a continuous excursion through Wiltshire & Somerset, but in the end we decided that if we had BritRail passes it would be simpler to do it in a series of day-trips. This was more or less the case. It was handy to be able to check on rail schedules daily from Vandon House, and if anyone felt unwell, he or she could stay behind without incurring unexpected charges. At the same time, the extra train trip at the end of the day could be tiring.

The original plan had been to visit Salisbury, which has, of course, a magnificent cathedral, and is a very ancient city with connections to George Herbert. Since we ended up not actually reading any Herbert, and will see several other cathedrals (not that each one isn’t uniquely wonderful), we took a guided tour of Oxford & the Cotswolds. Both aesthetically entertaining and instructive, as the guide told us all about the British university system (among other things, of course). Cannot recommend London Walks highly enough for this kind of thing, or for short afternoon & evening tours of London itself.

Wednesday 6/22: Village of Minster Lovell
Ruined manor:


Random swan:


Burford village church of St John the Baptist, tower & pulpit:



Oxford University, New College cloisters:


Fun fact: New College, we learned, is actually one of the oldest colleges, founded in the Middle Ages.