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Only two more Tuesdays  of Nikki Stafford’s Great Buffy Rewatch to go! What a year of blogging nostalgia and discovery, not to mention all the other pop culture projects Nikki has going on, to say nothing of her life. She’s a real hero (“Into every generation…”).

In addition to the first three episodes of Season 7, I also posted about three mid-Season 7 episodes last week, and I’ll be among those returning for the big finale on December 27, so tune in.

In other Whedon Studies news, the kind and wise Mr. Ensley Guffey has made today’s blog post Whedon Christmas central, opening comments to all who have written or edited Whedon-related books, just in time for holiday shopping. Thanks, Ensley, from my co-editors Lynne Edwards, James South, and me! A lot of other great colleagues’ books there, too.

In the world, exams are done, grades are in. Kind friends–bless them!– helped replace my kitchen lights. Let the baking begin!

P.S. Temporarily switched the blog background from light to dark to better enjoy WordPress’s winter “snow” feature, which always amuses me.