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For a few months I’ve enviously followed tweets and Facebook updates from my friends Dale and Ensley Guffey as they watched one of my favorite 1990’s science-fiction series, Babylon 5, written & created by J. Michael Straczynski. But I had plenty of things to do without starting my own personal rewatch, alone. Then recently, through Google+, Ensley connected me with another B5 fan considering rewatching the show, Elaine “Eli” Barlow. Behold the power of social networking!

Today Elaine’s multi-author online rewatch of Babylon 5 launches at Babylon 5 Revisited and Rethought with seven authors from different parts of the world with very different points of view, including one who’s never seen a single episode.

Too many great things about B5 to mention here, especially as I’m late for a meeting, but all will be discussed in detail in the coming weeks at Babylon 5 Revisited.